Friday, March 15, 2013

Busy Week

It's been a busy week. Got the e-Rate paperwork for the library caught up on Monday.  What could be done on postcards requires filling out five forms through the year.

Tuesday was dentist day. Expensive, but no cavities. Yay!!! That evening was Quilt Club. Both our original hostess & our substitute hostess were out of town, but that was OK, we muddled through. I got fourteen more star blocks done for my Orca Bay.

At this rate it will only take a few more months to finish. :)

Wednesday morning was the Antelope Co. Library Assoc. meeting in Elgin.  I got to drive over the new bridges south of  town that washed out in the flooding going on three years ago.  The first time I was on that road since they washed out.  In the afternoon I got one of two baby quilts loaded on the machine and quilted.

Thursday was another work day and I put out hundreds of books for the used book sale that will start tomorrow (Sat.) and run until the end of the month. Hope we sell lots of them because I hate the thought of boxing them all back up and disposing of them.  My back is still protesting from putting them out.

Today I got yesterday's quilt off the machine and squared up. Then loaded the second one and got it quilted, removed and squared up too.  Binding them is on the agenda for the weekend. Just in time to since I hear my niece is supposed to meet her twin girls face-to-face on Monday.  With a bunch of laundry and dishes also done today, that was the week that was.

To finish up here's a picture of DH at his retirement lunch a week ago.

Just think, we've already survived a week of his retirement. There's hope.



  1. Your hubby doesn't look that happy to be retired... I hope you find mutual retirement interests... Or else can find ways to escape from each other... My husband has a couple of years to go but I'm already trying to figure out what we're going to do!

  2. Ditto on the find ways to escape each other, I can't imagine mine retired. He has wonderful plans, we will have our own ranch. He was quite crestfallen when I told him I had no plans to start a second career as a geriatric ranch hand/manual laborer. I will be too old and fat for that.