Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What's Cooking?

The ingredient of the week over at JudyL's site was butternut squash.  In 2011 our garden produced an overabundance of squash. I had canned a lot of squash the year before and didn't need more so went looking for butternut squash recipes.  All of mine were for desserts or breads and I wanted more of a side dish or main dish. This is one that I found that I've made many times since.

After making it for the first time I quit doing the microwaving step (the T. of water can be left out).  I brown and drain the sausage and skip layering. Just mix it all together.  Leave out the 2 T. flour. And I rarely put the shredded cheese on top....don't worry, there are plenty of calories without it :) If I bake it in my small round dark enamel roaster it takes about an hour at 375*.  In a glass pan it takes longer.

This is very good even if it is on the unhealthy side.

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