Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

I just spent about three pleasant hours this afternoon de-papering some string blocks accompanied by Bonnie Hunter on Quilt-Cam followed by some Bon Jovi. The little Panda Speaker is amazing.  Maybe not if you're the type that likes your music so loud it blasts you out of your chair, but perfect for me.  The laptop battery actually lasted until I was almost finished de-papering.

This might be something nobody knows about me, but I really don't like most Country music.  The upbeat songs are fine, but so much of it sounds so whiny to me.  I like good old, upbeat Rock 'n Roll.  Just a child of the 60s and 70s I guess.  I'm fond of Celtic and Andean music too, so I suppose that just makes me weird?  So be it.

I had to go out driving around before lunch and see the storm damage around town. Several complete trees down and lots of smaller branches.  I woke up in the night when the power started cutting in and out and shutting the fan off, letting it just start up, then shut it off again before going off completely. I finally just shut it off and opened the window.  Then I could hear the wind coming. When it hit it blew stuff off the dresser and off the window sill in the kitchen, but it was over in just a couple minutes.  Maybe it was even stronger than I thought????  No damage here except for a small branch blown into the yard and one shingle laying on the lawn.....not real sure where that came from since I looked and couldn't see any missing from our roofs.

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