Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Weekend

I hope everyone has had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Three days is always better than two!!  Of course I had to work on Sat. so that whittled it down a little, then we did the cemetery rounds after I got home. Must have been around seven when we got back. By then I certainly didn't feel like cooking so we just stopped at the gas station & picked up some sandwiches and chips. Not the healthiest, but it hit the spot.

Yesterday we went to a 60th anniversary open house. Such a crowd!!  The Methodists really needed to build a bigger fellowship hall than they did.  Too noisy and too warm, but there was a lot of family there that we don't get to see very often. The only trouble was that by the time we got there, went through the line and ate our ice cream and cake a lot of them had left so we didn't get to talk to them.

Our day today was quiet. I finished putting the borders on a quilt so it was a productive one. I could have done with a little less just makes me wilt, but I powered through. Had several thoughts about putting the air conditioners in. LOL

Thank you to all our service men & women, past & present, for making our way of life possible.

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