Sunday, May 18, 2014

So.....It's Sunday Again

....and it started out so promising....clear and sunny. Warmer than the mornings have been recently. Now it's clouded over and the wind keeps blowing harder all the time. It will be a good day to sew and I intend to get the center of this top put together.

I like to lay tops out on the floor and then take a picture. I seem to catch mistakes better that way. And sure enough, I caught of the narrow rows at the end was turned wrong. It got corrected before I took this picture.

In other news, this is the pretty bracelet I won in a giveaway on the Surviving and Thriving blog. Thanks again Donna.

My other big news is that I'm writing this post on my new Asus Windows 8 laptop.....well, maybe not so new, I've had it for a little over two weeks now.

I like it fine now, but it came with the standard Windows 8, so the first thing I did was download and install all the available updates. Then installed Windows 8.1 from the Microsoft Store. That took FOREVER and was a pain, but once it was all finished it sure made Windows 8 easier to deal with, plus you can start out with the old desktop opening screen. Something familiar is always good though I do find the tiles on the new type of start screen to be handy now that I have my programs installed and the extra tiles banished. The Windows 8.1 Spring Update has been installed so I should be good to go now. I loved my old Dell but it's nice to have a laptop that I'm not constantly adjusting the tilt of the screen on because it gets all pixelated in red, blue or green. Sometimes all three. The screens on the Dell Inspiron seems to be their weak spot.

Just to finish up here's pictures of my twin grandbabies. They were getting ready to go to graduation last Sunday. They're eight months old now, both have teeth and developing distinctive personalities.

Before we know it they will be climbing on the school bus and heading off to kindergarten. I want them to stay little longer!!!

Hey, the sun's coming back out....the day is always better when the sun shines!!!


  1. Wow, that quilt top looks like a lot of work. So many little pieces.

  2. awww adorable sweetie pies!

    I helped my aunt set up her new laptop and it was all windows8... not sure I am going to like it when my time comes to abandon this old one and switch over too... ick!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. Your quilt looks beautiful! Congrats on your win. And your comments on your new laptop are appreciated - I'm soon(?) to be looking for a replacement for mine. A news show just the other night listed an Asus model as one of the top ones (high marks). I have a desktop with Win8 but haven't yet updated to 8.1 on it. My current laptop is about 8 years old and is also a Dell Inspiron E1405 - it's been a good little machine, DH added memory a few years ago, and it's screen has been fine, but it's still running XP....and that's no longer supported and it's just not up to snuff as they say. Replacing it with a W8 machine will also force me to update some other software, sigh, and kaching, lol.

  4. Great quilt and sweet little people!