Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Don't Even Think About It!!

Has your DH or one of your dear children ever asked to use your fabric scissors?  Should they have the audacity to do so, this diagram might be useful:
I found it on Bonnie Hunter's blog and it was just screaming to be shared. :)

There's a quilt on the frame, so maybe I'll have something "quilty" to share soon. This past month I've spent a good bit of time freezing & canning corn & canning tomatoes.  I had picked another batch of tomatoes & a neighbor brought over a 5-gallon bucket full that should all be ready to can on Friday. I still have some canned whole tomatoes left from last year so will maybe do one more canner full of those and then start making tomato/veggie juice.  It's my choice of juice for breakfast.

Have you used the Tattler reusable lids....plastic lid & rubber ring? I used some last year and didn't have much trouble, but this year I've lost 2 jars (bottoms fell out) due to over tightening the metal rings and had two jars pop open as soon as they came out of the canner. I decided I had reused the metal ring from the first jar that popped open on the second one and that it must be defective, so it got tossed.  Put on a different ring, re-processed about 25 min. and all was good. There is a knack to using the Tattlers. Kind of like when my Grandma used the old zinc lids with the rubber rings.  When putting the lids on the jars just tighten lightly....finger tight, the directions say. Then when they come out of the canner you finish tightening them up.

After having the long weekend and my regular days off work, I head back tomorrow. Not really terribly enthused about it, but the money buys quilt fabric and pays for Internet service, among other things, so..............hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work I go.  :)  :)

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