Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pears 'n Apples

The harvest is good this year.

Hanging in clusters, like grapes....really big grapes.  :)

More were added after I took this picture.
Last of the McIntosh apples...they're really nice this year.

Some serious canning and dehydrating work here.  The Golden Delicious apples are my preference for dehydrating and they're ready to pick too.  Tomatoes are about done, red bell peppers are getting ripe, squash is about ready to eat. The sweet corn didn't produce as much this year for the amount planted, but all in all the garden did well this year.

Pretty soon we'll be eating a lot of Pear Pie and Squash, Potato & Sausage Casserole. We look forward to it all year.


  1. And here I was thinking at last!!! the finished project we have been waiting for. Instead, wonderful, glorious, produce galore, red apples, juicy pears, I can see some serious hours ahead to bottle, freeze, preserve, and in winter, how great it is to open a bottle of summer goodness. And behind all this is hard work in your garden. Cheers to you as a rest will be so earned..Jean

  2. Wonderful apples, I understand how important apples are. They lasted longer in the cooling basement.

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