Thursday, January 1, 2015

You Would Think.....

...that since I haven't left the house since Monday afternoon that I would have gotten a lot of sewing done.

Not so.

The phone rang a lot....can I blame my lack of accomplishment on that???  

Didn't think so!!!

Yesterday I sewed up 24 quilt blocks for a block drive (that ended at the end of Nov.).

Today I pieced together four border strips, packaged up those 24 blocks and a baby gift to go in the mail on Saturday.

See, I don't plan to leave the house tomorrow either.  :)  My plan for tomorrow is to put borders on Orca Bay. I may or may not get them all on, but I at least want to get the inside border and the pieced borders on. I want the quilt a little larger so I'll probably put on another border out of the same fabric as the inside border and then bind in black. That should look OK.

Unless I change my mind.

I REALLY have to do better this year than I did over the past week!!

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