Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scrap Sorting & Pressing....

.....ready to cut into pieces the right sizes to make beautiful quilts. It's a very quiet Sunday, perfectly suitable for this sort of activity.

Fabric has gotten so expensive that it just makes good sense to try to use up the scraps...ala Bonnie Hunter.  I have a couple quilts in mind so I will cut for them as I go through these.  This box has been on a shelf in the basement storage area for quite a while. I'm finding old favorites from the days in the 1980s to the mid-1990s when I sewed for craft fairs.  Brings back memories!  The smallest pieces that I save are 2" squares. Some of the patterns I like use 1 1/2" squares but if I actually make them I'll start out with strips that size...much easier to handle.  Anything smaller than the 2" size finally goes in the trash....and then Hubby digs through them to find the ones usable as gun cleaning patches! Seems like the usefulness of this old fabric never ends. :)


  1. well, if your weather is like mine it was a good day to sit and work on a project like this

  2. I recognize a lot of the fabric in the box lid. It brings back some good memories.