Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th!!

And we get another one next month!!  I'm not superstitious so it's just another day. My day will be happy if the sewer line gets routered out yet today. I have calls in to two different guys. Whoever gets here first gets the job. I WILL be nice enough to call the one that doesn't......

Today, besides waiting for the sewer guy, I'm just cutting down some scraps into 2" and 2 1/2" inch squares for future quilts. I don't keep anything smaller than that. There IS a quilt pattern that I want to make that calls for 1 1/2" squares, but I think I'll start with strips sewed together, then cut in segments and made into four patches. I'm really itching to start something new, but I still have three quilts of my own to get quilted. Will I be able to hold out?

This quilt was started as a project at our January Orchard Quilters meeting. We held a Jelly Roll Race for the center part and the challenge was to bring it back finished to the February meeting. Or, at least finished into a top. I managed to get mine quilted and bound so it's in the FINISHED pile.

It's made from a Bonnie and Camille Miss Kate jelly roll from Moda, along with some yardage for borders and binding.  I just squeaked by on fabric for the binding because I had used the same fabric for my daughter's quilt at Christmas and I had only bought a yard...had something like an inch left over. I'm keeping this one and it will live on the back of my couch this summer. It's such a bright, cheerful quilt.


  1. I brought along some jelly rolls and packets of coordinating fat quarters... now that we took a break from road traveling, I might haul out the sewing machine at this campground and get some stuff started!

  2. I've been wanting to try making a jelly roll race quilt but maybe with scraps. I love the colors and quilting in yours!