Friday, July 24, 2015

Quilty Road Tripin'

Today was a most enjoyable day. Six members of our quilting group left town around 9am, headed for QuiltNebraska in Norfolk.

First stop was Tilden to take in their Prairie Days Quilt many beautiful quilts. (Wonder if any of my raffle tickets will win.)

 Next stop was Divots Devent Center in Norfolk to see the quilt display and make the rounds of the vendors. When we left the building my quilting buddies couldn't believe I hadn't spent a penny!!

 Next up was a stop at Big Red Keno for a very good lunch....the server asked if we wanted dessert and all we could do was laugh and say "no room."

 Let's see, then we visited the Norfolk Arts Center for another quilt display followed by a stop at the quilt shop, Pieceful Pastimes.

Next we made our way to the east end of Norfolk for a garage sale that advertised lots of quilting fabric.....I did spend a little money there.

Back to Divots for another spin past the vendors and then we hit the road home. By then we were all a bit parched so stopped at Sportsman's outside of Meadow Grove for cold drinks and then on home.

It was a really fun day. Here are just a few pictures I took of some of my favorite quilts from the various displays.

Click on the pictures to biggy-size them to see more detail.


  1. Beautiful, my favourite, woven strips.

  2. It's all ways a good day if quilts are in it!