Saturday, July 18, 2015


You know how we all complain about not having enough closets or cupboards?  Well after spending most of my work day today cleaning out one of the library's storage areas I'm thinking maybe we shouldn't have any more than the bare minimum of storage space. That way we would have to dispose of any leftovers from projects or things we just don't have use for.  It's truly amazing what I all threw out...some had been sitting there for over fifteen years and never been used. Some stuff was just outdated...why keep it? Some holiday decor was just plain shabby...I didn't want to use it anymore....why was it all crammed into a drawer??

While it maybe wasn't as bad as the picture above, it's so nice to see floor space! And a couple empty shelves!  And a sparsely occupied lower cabinet!  There are still some boxes of donated books that need to be gone through. I know they are all non-fiction, heavy on history and a lot of them aren't needed in our collection. Now that I've made a start maybe I can deal with them too. Even more floor space would be nice.

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  1. Hmmm, my office room is almost as bad, but is on the list for a total redo and makeover after our Wellington trip.Meantime the "wiggle me colourful" is coming on well.