Friday, December 25, 2015

Fun Christmas Day

After all the cleaning, decorating, gift buying & wrapping & cooking we finally have our Christmas dinner and the grand unwrapping with the family. This year we had a couple of new elves handing out the gifts. They did a great job.

It's so much fun watching the little ones unwrap their presents. They've really got the whole process down pat at two years old.

A stuffed monkey with his name embroidered on it's tummy. This boy LOVES animals in any shape or form.


Sister looking through her Frozen book with her new dollhouse beside her. That dollhouse was a big hit...Brother thought it made a great barn for his toy horse. :)

Steelers stuff for the Steelers fan.

A Nebraska shirt for the second oldest granddaughter.

Oldest granddaughter with her new sweater.

Just playing with all our new stuff.

Me with the cute sign from my daughter's family with the names of all the grandkids. Now to figure out were to hang it.

The day was all too short, but everyone had another stop to make tonight before they could call it a day. Oldest granddaughter & her boyfriend had two stops yet.  I'd really like tomorrow at home to get things put away but it's off to work I'll be going.

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  1. Down here today, Saturday, is Boxing Day, so no post delivery, and Monday a public Holiday, but shops and stores will be open, all services like solicitors etc, are closed till early January. Enjoy a day out, and think of the wonder of all the little ones today.