Sunday, February 21, 2016

Crazy Bright

Would you believe I just wrote a whole post, went back to make a slight correction and the whole thing just disappeared?  I'm bad enough at posting anyway and then the whole thing just goes POOF???

OK, so I don't post much, but I have been sewing. The tops for the twins' quilts are done. I knew I didn't have any piece of fabric big enough for backs so was going to have to piece or order some. In the end I dug around in the basement for some of my leftover fat quarters from my fabric dying and selling days.  They've been "mellowing" for quite a few years now and it's time to use them up. Here's one result:

Bright! It looks a little strange because the pieces are all overlapped for lack of space. They are all 16 1/2" squares.

The other backing (that I didn't think to get a picture of) is in shades of blue, aqua and lighter blue-greens.

This plan made quite a dent in the "pretty" leftovers, but there are still a bunch of strange greens and dark teals. Those are the result of trying to match a batch of really pretty warm mossy & limey greens  I dyed. I kept samples of each, but neglected to write down exactly which colors and brands of dye I used (you know, I would REMEMBER!)  Yeah, right!  All those strange colors are the result of several attempts to match the desired colors. Never happened!  I have some ideas though and may try again after ordering the colors I THINK I need.

Here's a clue:  Write it down!!!!!


  1. Yes, I would believe it because it has happened to me before too. About that time I slam the computer shut and think that I'm not made up to be a blogger!i get back to it eventually but usually not that day so you are doing pretty well. Love your solid fabrics!