Sunday, November 16, 2008

Been sewin'

Last night about 9:15 I sat down to sew and got the blocks for my brown/tan/black "camper" quilt put together into a top. This picture isn't the greatest since I took it at night and couldn't get far enough back for a good picture. Today I want to get the first inner border put on and get the outside border cut and pieced. I want a black border between the two but discovered that I don't have enough of any one black fabric on hand to make one. I have some ordered from Keepsake Quilting that should be getting here any day and then will be able to finish. I've seen some of these Disappearing Nine-Patch quilts that I really didn't like but I think this one is turning out well. Here's a tutorial on making the Disappearing 9-Patch: .


  1. I luv your background very festive topped off with the colors of your quilt. I can only wonder what it would be like to quilt? I tried in high school home ec. but once my family came along I never went back to try again.
    When I worked in the public library we invited the local quilting guild to have their weekly meeting at the library. They gave a demonstration on quilting and set up a display of quilts. In return we set up a display of the various nonfiction and fiction quilt books that we had to offer.
    The guild now donates books to the library on a regular basis so are fiction, children's quilting books, and nonfiction.
    Awesome post. Keep[ up the good work! :)

  2. I like your disappearing 9 patch. It really looks great. I've seen many that I haven't liked a whole lot. I don't know where I've been because I just found out about these recently. And, proceeded to make one pretty soon after finding the pattern.

    I'm a retired elementary school librarian. I still LOVE children's books. I need to buy my own copy of Scaredy Squirrel -- it's such a fun book to share with little ones. Happy quilting... Bonnie

  3. Your quilt top looks beautiful! It is going to be a wonderful, cozy quilt! I am also using the Disappearing Nine Patch (thanks to you) to make a twin size quilt for Hospice. I will be posting photos soon. I am using up all my outdated and ugly fabrics to clear the way for new delicious fabrics (when I go off my fabric diet).