Saturday, November 1, 2008

NOT "No Buy"

I read quite a few blogs and email lists, including Stashbusters, and a lot of the participants are going "no buy". For some it's just fabric, but for others it includes books, tools, gadgets, whatever. The only things you are allowed to buy are things necessary to finish a project, such as batting, backing, sashing or setting fabric that you can't find in your existing stash. I don't buy nearly as much quilting fabric and quilting "stuff" as some quilters do, but I do try to "stimulate" the quilting economy ocassionally, as shown in this picture.

The quilt shop in O'Neill, Quilter's Candy Shoppe, hosts birthday parties for customers. I attended one for my friend Flicsha on Wednesday. The shop offers 15% discounts for guests, so we all get presents! :) I have plans for all the pieces except maybe for the small pile of remnants in the upper left corner, which I bought because I get tired of looking at the same stuff in my strip drawers all the time. I bought the Christmas prints just because I like them and I think I might be able to use them to put together a quilt from some Christmas blocks my group exchanged at our Christmas party a few years back and a panel I got as a gift or door prize or something. The rulers are to replace my old ones that are getting in pretty bad shape after all the years of use.I just love those Creative Grid rulers & I DESERVE them. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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