Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thing #13....Twittering

I've just spent some time learning about Twitter..............reading the articles, setting up an account (I'm opl_lady), posting first tweet, started following a few other posters. All interesting enough but I don't think it's going to become a regular part of my life.....either personal or at the library. My personal friends aren't into this 2.0 stuff and at the library it's just me & two aides who aren't interested in these things. Our form of communication most times is a sticky note on the desk.

Now, I may have "hermit" tendencies, but I just don't feel a need to be constantly connected to other people via things like Twitter & IM. I don't even have a cell phone, for cryin' out loud, and always wonder who all those people are talking to when I meet their cars on the highway & they all have a cell phone glued to their ear.

I'll keep reading the accounts I'm following, at least for a while, & try to post to mine, maybe it will grow on me, who knows?

1 comment:

  1. Good afternoon from France.
    I discover your blog with...twitter.
    And, as you say, i don't think i will use it very often.

    But, but i discover your blog and your job with Twitter.
    It was like warm in this winter. Quilt and books ! Great association.