Sunday, June 7, 2009

Busy week

In addition to the Husker quilt I finished quilting and put the binding on on Tuesday, on Friday I put together a quilt top and made bindings for four quilts. Today I made backing for four quilts. Two were made of two simple lengths of fabric seamed together down the middle, one was four pieces seamed together and one is made of 39 blocks cut from cat prints & one left-over block. Just need to get the batting out to relax a little & one of them can go on the Premier.

I DID decline to take on a computer building job. While the idea intrigues, it might be better to NOT do the first one using someone elses expensive parts & pieces. I did study up on it though and I think I could DO IT. Just a little chicken-hearted. All I can say is that it will be one sweet, kick-ass system once they find someone to put it together for them.

What I also did this week-end is SKIP the whole local Celebration Days. Friday was nice out, but I was busy sewing & washing clothes & running dishes through the dishwasher and forgot all about the Historical Society dinner. There was free swimming for the kids......I don't qualify. Was running late for work yesterday morning so didn't stop at the Amish bake sale. There was a Poker Run...not my thing. There was a Cruise Night for the car enthusiasts. My husband took his '55 Chevy downtown for that....I let him tell me all about it when he got home. Yesterday and today were cold, windy and damp so I just blew the whole thing off. There was a street dance last night...cold, windy, damp. Ugh. On to today. I sure as heck didn't want to go to an outdoor church service at 8:30 this morning or do the Fun Run/Walk. Who wants to stand in the rain to watch a parade? Or stand in line in the cold damp wind to get a plate at the barbeque and then sit at a wet picnic table to eat it. I think I can safely say this year's Celebration was a flop & I'm glad I got lots of sewing done instead.

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  1. can you believe the weather lately? I spent the entire weekend in my camper with the heat on! glad I had my electric blanket too!