Saturday, June 27, 2009

The week that was

* Finished quilting the five quilts for the quilt show, measured & photographed them. Will send off the applications on Monday. Then it's on to bindings and labels.

* Wasted a good part of one day getting all the music on my MP3 player sorted into the genres I wanted which involved finding software to do batch tagging of the songs. Over 700 songs would have taken way to long to try to do each one individually. Then I recorded more, so now there's closer to 800.

* Messed around with downloading an audio book from Overdrive through the Norfolk library. Refuses to work with my Sony Vaio laptop running Windows Media Player 11 but works fine on the Dell desktop with Media Player 10. Go figure. More hours wasted and I don't think I even like listening to audio books.

* Had some promising news about a grant I had written for the Fire. Dept. almost a year and a half ago. I will say more when I know more.

* Somehow managed to lose the whole folder on my laptop where I keep all the digital scrapbooking stuff. Three months worth of free downloads.......gone. Hadn't been burned to disc yet. Some pages I had made....they were backed up. Some downloaded layout examples........backed up except for the last three mo. worth. Tell me, how does one accidentally delete a folder that holds almost 4GB of stuff. It had to have happened while I was messing with the music or the downloaded book. Those recovery programs aren't all they are cracked up to be either. Even when they claim to have recovered a file it doesn't necessarily open.........message says it's corrupted. I got a few files back but the rest are just gone, gone, gone.

* Made the presentation for the County Library Assoc. to the County Supervisors for continued funding in the next fiscal year. They always seem happy to see us, I guess because we don't get loud and abusive. Lets hope they keep the money coming.

Anyway, that's the week that was. Spent most of it spinning my wheels.


  1. Poor thing to lose important creative files. I broke down and bought an external storage drive for all my photos and patterns. What a bless that has been.
    You do lovely work. I enjoyed "cruisin'" your blog.

  2. Thank you! I always feel better after you comment on my blog.