Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stormy weather..............

We started our morning out with a bang this morning. The power went out at 4:15am & shortly thereafter we got hit with a terrific thunderstorm.....constant lightning, a steady rumble of thunder, heavy rain and very high wind. The one thing we didn't get was hail, though where my kids work in Norfolk they had hail from the storm they had earlier in the evening yesterday. My DIL was there at the time and her car has some hail dents. They get it paid off in July and wouldn't you know it, now it gets hailed on. Here's some pictures of wind damage on our property. There were quite a few limbs and some trees down all over town. Note the position of the bird house....darned lucky it didn't get smashed. Click the pictures to make them bigger.

The Quilted Kitty in Lincoln was having a sale on it's web site so I had to buy an assortment of the marbled blenders. I HAD to, I tell you. Aren't they pretty?

More thunderstorms are predicted for tonight but I sure hope it doesn't get as wild as early this morning.


  1. I camp on the north side of a large hill, the hill to the south protects us, and we have large groves of trees to the west and north. Think like a valley, but out campsites are built up so no drainage problems! No trees are close enough to have the branches fall on us, short of a tornado. So while lots of branches were down in the campgrounds and they were spending all day picking up, we rode it out quite easily, the camper shook a little in the wind and the skies opened up when it poured! But no water leaked in my camper, I woke up enough to "mostly" shut my windows, it has a hard time raining in my windows anyway! Thinking of running away for a day and visiting you!

  2. Glad your damage wasn't worse! Stay safe!

    I think your blog is terrific and have given you a fun award. Just go to my blog to get it! :)