Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A full day..........

Today was one of those days where I got a lot done, as opposed to most days when I piddle around all day and don't accomplish anything.

Yesterday I got a batch of squash baked & scraped out of the shells to be ready to can today. I also got a quilt loaded on the machine yesterday, all ready for quilting today.

I was ready!!!

To start the day off, the UPS man brought this:

He was so funny. Before he got it out of the truck he asked if my husband was home. When I said yes he wanted to know if it was a Christmas present for the DH. I laughed and said no it was my very own air compressor, because the tires on my car keep going down. (the wheels are bad...pinholes, apparently it happens when they get old) I don't think he delivers air compressors to very many women!!! LOL

After that I got my jars in the dishwasher & went downstairs to quilt while they washed. Once that was done I'd get a batch in the canner, then go sew quilt blocks into rows. I hadn't canned anything on this new stove so didn't want to be too far away from it for this first run through. Of course, my blocks were laid out on my mighty fine "design bed."

I think I'm going to LUV this quilt!!!!

When a batch in the canner was done & taken off the stove to cool I'd run downstairs and quilt some more. Repeat the sequence a few more times. Multi-tasking at it's best!!!! LOL

And here are the results of my day:

22 jars of squash. There must be another 50 jars "on the hoof" so to speak. Don't think I'll can that many more.

I used the "Bayside" pantograph and it quilted up very nice. DH called it "strange." He doesn't care for the colors, but since it belongs to a friend it really doesn't matter at all.

Maybe I should start every day with a dose of Excederine. The caffeine really gets me going!!!


  1. Today the only task is that DH wants me in the field RIGHT NOW! Hah, he's going to have to wait until my outside clothes are dry! All my veggies/fruits "on the hoof" are done, but now turkey canning season starts. Turkeys are 47 cents at the store with a coupon, and I've been collecting coupons! (My dad went and got me a 22# turkey!) I do love to see those finished jars!

  2. forgot--the bricks and stepping stones is looking great! And your own air compressor--now I don't think that's strange!

  3. Ohh! Love that colorful quilt on your design bed! That is a beauty. Now how are you going to quilt that?

  4. Both the quilts look great. I think I would probably invest in new tires rather than an air compressor though!

  5. Love the bright colors of the Bricks and Stepping Stones!! Pumpkin pie for GD birthday, that is special!