Sunday, November 22, 2009

My kitties were being cute last night

Nicky decided she was going to live under this chair. I think she was frowning at me when I took the picture.

And Nuey thought he'd take a nap in the clothes basket on the clean laundry.

My laptop started giving me some aggravation on Wednesday. The sound started going out. I thought maybe the drivers needed to be reinstalled but it didn't help. The thing won't even be 3 yrs. old until Feb.

I wanted to catch up on the TV shows I like but miss because they're on Thursday night when I work or conflict with another show. I was actually looking at new laptops on the Dell site and trying to decide between a green one or a purple one. Or maybe the shiny black one with the wild, colorful design.

Then I remembered a Creative Extigy external sound card contraption I bought about 5-6 yrs. ago when I wanted to record some tapes & LPs to my old laptop. Had never even taken it out of its box. So I dug it out of a tub in the basement and hooked it up. So-so sound. Went online & downloaded the latest drivers and installed them. Now this laptop has the best sound it ever had. Turned down as low as it will go it's still a little bit loud. That's with headphones. I bet with speakers it would rattle the windows. LOL It isn't the most convenient setup but it works and I can get some more mileage out of this laptop, even though a new one would be fun. Expensive fun.