Saturday, December 26, 2009

Could be...............

Had to share this. After the past few days I'd be willing to believe it's true.

Our street didn't get cleared until about 4:30 today so I took a Snow Day, authorized or not. Oh, that's right, I'm the Library Director and I authorized me a Snow Day. LOLOL Actually I was just waiting for somebody to call and ask, "Aren't you opening the library today?" And I was going to answer, "Bring your shovel & start scooping my street out. When you're finished I'll think about it." Darn, nobody called. Guess I wasn't missed at all. Or everybody's buried under snow. DH went downtown to see what he could see and told me there's still only one lane of traffic east of town and the big, state snowblower got stuck west of town, so it's possible. LOL The wind came up again too so I suppose the street will be blocked again in the morning, only deeper than before.


  1. Yup, he left the Midwest entirely and went for the better weather! I'm sure he doesn't live anywhere near me, or everyone's Christmas would have been ruined since the reindeer would all have been grounded.

  2. I was going to go into my library Saturday morning, but we didn't have any electricity, so I also took an unathorized snow day. YOu got to love living in Nebraska.