Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Plodding on

Here's a quick picture of the little wallhanging I finished for my daughter-in-law for Christmas.

I hope she likes it. I made one like it, but with a blue plaid border, for the person who's name I drew for the FCE Club Christmas party.

This year family is getting some little thing and cash. That way they'll be able to buy what they want, in the right color and the right size. Grandma usually gets it wrong, or I get them something from their list and by the time they get here (last Christmas on the list) they've already gotten it. Viva la CASH!!! LOL


  1. Oh how cute! I'm sure your daughter-in-law is going to love this. I'm a beginning quilter and would love to make this. Do you know who the designer is?

    I've been lurking in blogland for several months. I finally decided to take the leap and create my own blog.

  2. Here Here!! I agree!! We are giving money, except for white elephant gift exchange. And, I did buy DD a nice jelly roll pan, as she doesn't have one and for some reason "can't figure out why her sheet cake runs over and doesn't look like mom's!!"

  3. It's really plan. That sounds like a great plan.

  4. That's what I did this year . Shipping is so costly. Love the wall hanging! Flicsha

  5. This is just darling. Did you design it or is it a purchased pattern?