Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa's sleigh would come in handy today

These pictures are out my back window. They don't do a very good job of showing the snow coming down horizontally. The wind gusts shake the house when they're at their worst. The pictures don't show it but there is a three-ft. drift right behind the house and around the south side. Since the storm made us postpone our family Christmas it might as well keep it up.........maybe I could get a snow day from work tomorrow.

Our son called as we were eating our substitute Christmas dinner..roast chicken..and said his father-in-law was coming from Battle Creek to Pierce to get them & take them back to Battle Creek for their family Christmas. Pure insanity if you ask me. I just hope he made it to their place and isn't sitting in a ditch somewhere....I doubt if there's much traffic out there today so he could sit there without help for quite a while. Why can't people just stay inside when the weather is dangerous out?


  1. Your pictures are beautiful but you're right. I'd rather be inside where it is safe and warm. Your Christmas family dinner will be all the more appreciated because it had to be delayed. Merry Christmas!

  2. I took pictures too. Depressing. I WANT TO LIVE SOMEWHERE WARM IN THE WINTER!! Okay--let me rephrase that--somewhere like Texas or Arizona, even Australia! The only thing I've done much of the last few days is dishes and eat goodies. Time to get out! Send that snowplow to do my street too. It's blowing again as I write. sigh