Friday, February 19, 2010

More Snow

Yesterday was such a beautiful, sunny day. And relatively warm too. I actually walked from the library to the post office wearing a light fleece jacket and it was just right.  Felt like Spring might be just around the corner. However, later in the afternoon the clouds came back and by 4:00 it started snowing again and was still snowing when I went to bed around 11:30. This morning it's snowing again.


At least the wind isn't howling, but this is Nebraska so it can start up any time.  Ole Man Winter just can't loosen his grip on us.

I wish I had taken my camera to Tues. night's Quilt club meeting.  We were quilting machines!!!  The project was working on a quilt for our friend who banged her head in a fall on the ice & has spent much of the past month in the hospital. By a little before 10:00pm we had the blocks all made, most of the sashing made and rows sewn together. Jennie took it home to finish up and quilt. She thought she might be able to get it to Linda P. yet this week. 

Ahhhhh, just now the sun is peeking through a little bit. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the snow is finished for this round.

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