Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What I've Been Craving

I haven't made Cranberry Nut Bread for a couple years now.  I used to make up a big batch every year for the FCE Club bake sale, which we haven't had for the last couple years.  I've been craving it so today was the day:

A quadruple batch fresh from the oven. As soon as it was cool enough I cut off a good sized chunk, spread it with butter and enjoyed. Yummm!!  Love that crunchy crust.

Usually I grind the fresh cranberries but experimented with using them whole today. Still good, but I prefer them ground up. The cranberry goodness is more spread out through the loaf that way and you don't bite into a large tart berry.

I made roast beef for supper yesterday and today I used the leftovers to make Beef Vegetable Soup for supper. I sometimes make it with browned hamburger but think the flavor is so much better from leftover roast. My lunch for work tomorrow will be the soup and a couple of slices of Cranberry Nut Bread.

Yesterday and through most of today we had bright, sunny weather. Wow, BRIGHT!!  We're just not used to that any more. By about 3pm today  the heavy clouds reappeared. Now it's very damp out and we may be in for some more snow. I hope it doesn't get too carried away.


  1. Oh yum!!!! You know what that would go good with??? Some coffee!!! I have some at my house....I could be persuaded to give you some if you bring the bread!! :)

  2. May be you can make a blue quilt and call it the winter blues? Then you can snuggle up in the chair with it on the cold and dark days.
    It cold here and they are saying chance of flurries by tomorrow morning. So much fro Sunny warm FL.