Friday, February 26, 2010

Not much sewing going on here

     As you can see, my cutting table is now my computer desk.

     Just move the tubs of fabric, take the table down off its bed risers and abracadabra, my cutting table is a computer desk. Course that means I'm not doing any cutting and sewing, but it's time to do some genealogy work. 
     First off I had to re-enter some stuff  I inexplicably lost last fall. Then work on entering some material received from a kind gentleman in the Netherlands on my DH's elusive Veenker family. He sent me so much, and so detailed. I decided that after a certain point I would only enter the direct line ancestors in my database and then keep his file for reference.  I don't know of a single soul in the family who would be interested in all those collateral lines. 
      Then there was more information from a website that includes the descendents of DH's great-grandfather's sister. I've contacted the site owner, asking her to share some of the information about still living people that aren't included in the online version. I hope she responds favorably because I am willing to share what I have if she can use any of it.  
     Through the contacts I've made in the last few months there's finally been some progress. Once all this information is in my database I want to start trying to figure out how "our" Veenkers might be connected to the ones in Iowa. I feel sure they are, somehow. I also want to scan a lot of pictures and find Census images and copies of original records to include in the database. There's always plenty to do.

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  1. I've been looking more frequently at my geneology stuff lately. It seems to be on my mind more than ususal. I have a ton of things that need to be entered. Just not a lot of time for working with it until my daugher moves.