Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad news on a beautiful day

After a couple of chilly, rainy, even stormy, days I'm really enjoying a perfect fall day today. Blue sky, about 70 degrees, light breeze. Just the kind of gorgeous Fall weather we wait for all summer. I feel like I should just go outside and sit in the sun, soaking up as much of its warmth as I can.

But even on such a beautiful day there is sadness too.  Last week my son's Chocolate Lab, Jenny, had a biopsy on a lump that they found on her belly. It turned out to be cancer so this morning they had x-rays done to see if it was localized or if it had spread. Unfortunately, it has spread to her lungs and the vet says it's a very aggressive strain. She said normally a dog could have from four weeks to six months to live, but as aggressive as this cancer is they probably shouldn't count on much more than the lower end of that estimate.  Son & Daughter-in-law are just broken hearted. Jenny is only eight years old and they thought they'd have her with them for many more years.

Our beautiful girl. Great personality, loves kids, loves to swim and hunt and go camping. According to my son the best dog ever.

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  1. I'm sorry about Jenny. She looks like a sweet dog. I hope she doesn't suffer much. Louise