Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday morning

Here I am, back in Pierce, staying with the kids for the weekend. Just having a peaceful hour or so while the two younger ones are in Sunday school. The Oldest is awake, I can hear her music, but she's having her own peaceful time before the others come back.

Daughter sent pictures and called to let us know all about the blue skies, sunshine, sandy beaches, palm trees, sight-seeing, etc. in Mexico, but she forgot to get out warmer clothes for the Youngest. A bit challenging to find clothes for Sunday school this morning.....he wound up going in shorts, the long pants we could find were high waters or way to big around the waist. Hopefully God won't care that he went with cold, bare legs.

So, what do the kids do while Grandma is here? Let's see.

Obviously, they like computers. The Oldest usually watches TV, uses the computer and texts simultaneously.

Here's Max. Do you think we should get him a computer too???

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  1. I think this is the way of the world nowadays. At my brother's house there seems to be a computer for every room and no one turns anything off. Sometimes it's just the dog and the computer together in the room...