Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I hate shopping

Seriously.  But, I got to Pierce last night and saw that my daughter had gotten the big ad for Herbergers' Good Will / Fall sale......complete with coupons. They had ankle boots on sale so I snitched one of her coupons and headed to Norfolk this morning once the kids were off to school...and after I made a trip to the HS to take Oldest her forgotten laptop.

Walked in the door near the women's size area and right away found three tops, all marked down. Tried them on, they fit, so headed for the shoe area. They had the boots I liked in my size, they fit (remember, ON SALE) so I paid for my stuff. Used my snitched coupon, signed up for a Herbergers card to get another 20%, got an instant percentage off because it was the first day of the sale. Good deal. Found out the 20% card discount was good for the whole day.

Sometimes it pays to know the right people & be from the right place.  This is their Good Will sale so for every item you bring in for Good Will you get a 20% off coupon. In chatting with the sales clerk I found out she is the granddaughter of some people I know from Orchard, maybe her grandfather is even related to DH. I told her I hadn't found out about the sale until I got to Pierce so hadn't been able to bring in my Good Will stuff. She was feeling kindly towards me by then and gave me some coupons anyway. I promptly headed back into the store and found two pairs of slacks & three more tops plus a necklace, an iridescent purple purse and a housewarming gift I needed. Used my Good Will coupons, card discount and instant discount. If I have to shop this is the way to do it.  Herbergers' is kind of expensive normally but I love this annual sale and it's a great place to much variety it boggles the mind.

Here's my haul.....minus the necklace and housewarming gift I see.

Now off to the library to look up some genealogy stuff.

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  1. Looks like we both had a shopping day. I have a whole day of putting away the foods I bought ahead of me. I don't mind the shopping so much as the chore of putting it all away when I get home. I sure wish I live close enough to someone with apple trees. I'd be wearing a path to their door to get some.