Sunday, October 17, 2010

Goin' batty

This afternoon we took the window air conditioners out to store away for the winter. It's a two person operation. DH goes outside and holds it so it doesn't fall out the window and I get the window open and the AC lifted up and pulled inside. The bigger one in the LR is awkward so he comes inside and we both carry it out to the garage. The smaller one in the sewing room I can lift out of the window by myself, put it on the table and then close the window. That's where I got a little surprise....a bat had taken up housekeeping under the AC, between it and the bottom of the window. I'm sure glad he wasn't awake enough to fly out into the house. From the evidence he left behind, I'd say he'd been living there for a while. Anyway, he's history now.

On the quilting front, part of Part Four of "Orange Crush" is finished and now I can start putting blocks together as shown:

Here's a pic of the quilt I got quilted on Friday:

All made out of Thimbleberry fabrics and I quilted it in one of my favorite designs....Bayside. A nice curvy, flowing pattern.

And this is my Nicky, relaxing in her favorite position....flat on her back with all four little paws sticking up in the air. Silly kitty......

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