Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday at home

After sleeping in this morning I spent the better part of the day sewing together a quilt top out of group heart blocks. No pictures yet.....not until after the recipient gets it next month though I doubt she reads my blog.

Would you believe the Alco store in O'Neill no longer sells fabric?? They still have yarn and quilt batting, but I wonder for how long. Didn't see any notions at all. How the heck do they expect people to "shop at home" when they don't carry what we want? I hadn't been there for a few months and the whole store had been redone. Totally rearranged and so much stuff in it you can hardly push a cart through it. All I can say is "Thank God for online shopping" since it's about the only way to find reasonably priced fabric. And Alco's fabric was usually pretty good quality too. I always liked their $2.99 a yd. sales.

My daughter called me this afternoon to tell me my oldest grand-daughter's good friend from Norfolk Catholic had been killed in a car accident last night. Only 17 years old, such a tragedy. It was a one-car accident so no one knows exactly what happened. The Pierce Co. Sheriff's Dept. is investigating but they suspect cell phone use might have been a factor. If so, these kids are learning a lesson a very hard way. The kids who were friends with the girl all congregated at my daughter's house, the parents showed up and the school guidance counseler was called in too, to talk to the kids. A pretty shaken up bunch...they'd all been together last night going to haunted houses. Not the quiet Sunday at home my daughter's family was expecting to have.


  1. My cat Macy has several tricks...she brings us toys....she brings the food dish toys when it is getting low...she fetches...knows many words. I have read that Oriental Shorthairs (wedge heads) are "clowns" and love to entertain their owners. I have never paid $$ for a cat and had one that was registered. She was worth every penny!!!!!!

  2. How tragic. We had a 17 year old killed in a one car crash here on the same day. I didn't know her. I saw it on the news. It always makes me so sad to hear of this kind of tragedy.