Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moving right along

Part three of "Orange Crush" is finished:

This is the last of the tiny little pieces. Now I can move on to some larger ones and start putting blocks together.

Things are going kind of slow this week. I came down with a nasty cold on Saturday, and though I'm starting to feel better, I just feel tired. At least today I can breathe again. Sunday afternoon was Quilt Club and I stayed home. I felt really lousy and didn't want to pass my germs on to the others. From what I hear I was the only one that didn't make it, but everyone should be glad I stayed away.

DH and his cousin are sitting in the kitchen peeling apples for T.'s freezer. Kind of funny listening to them talking like a couple of kids. :-D I just keep out of the way and let them go at it.


  1. Look at you! That quilt looks SO hard, I am impressed!!

  2. You gave your cold to me! I'm taking a vacation from blogging (and teaching) and just reading blogs huddled in an overgrown sweater... Ah-choo!