Sunday, November 7, 2010

I'd rather be sewing

No pictures today. I'm having so much fun stripping wallpaper off my kitchen walls!!!  NOT. If you want to come help me just leave a comment with your e-mail & I'll give you directions for how to get here. How's that for an offer you can't refuse???

I just wonder what stroke of decorating genius possessed me to put that stuff up. As the saying goes, what goes up must come down. Must have forgotten that little detail. Anyway, if anybody even suspects that I might be thinking of looking at a wallpaper sample book, ever,  please come slap some sense into me.

My goal is to at least have the walls, ceiling & woodwork all painted by Christmas and have the new flooring put down. Probably the cabinet painted that requires moving the fridge too, so I don't have to move it a second time. Then I can take my time over the winter scrubbing down the cabinets & painting them. It'll be tedious, but I'll just take my time. I just wish I hadn't procrastinated for three years on hands hurt a lot less back then.


  1. I've already made my DH promise to physically restrain me (a straightjacket comes to mind) if I EVER even think about putting up wallpaper again! Hope the job goes quickly. I hope you plan to share some pictures of the befores and afters of your kitchen re-do. ;-)

  2. tell me about painting your cabinets. Do you lightly sand them before painting? I have some that are quite dated, and I'm not wanting to remodel and replace them. I have been thinking about painting them a white/cream and just replacing the counter top. Any ideas? My kitchen is small and lots of nooks, crannies, windows and doors. Maybe an all over white with my light cream walls would open it up. Hmmm--decorating was never my thing!