Friday, November 19, 2010


Friday.  Since my last post all the damned blasted wallpaper is off the walls and two big deer have been cut up on my kitchen table.  Guess who still has some meat to wrap.

All the blocks for Orange Crush have been sewed together and have been pressed since this picture was taken. The star blocks are shown in an earlier post.

I have no idea when I'll get to lay them out to put the top together. When you have a refrigerator setting in the living room with the furniture pushed out of the way to make room it doesn't leave much space for laying out a quilt. LOL After seeing the blocks next to each other I kind of wish I had used a brighter red in the star blocks, but what I used was what I had at the time..................and I don't do do-overs!!!!  It'll be fine, just a little darker than it might have been.

Enjoy your week-end. We'll be having Thanksgiving at our daughter's on Sunday and celebrating our younger granddaughter's 12th birthday.


  1. Oh I like that blue with the orange!
    I made the Orange Crush too and if you are planning to quilt this yourself I'd definitely advise quilting the sections first before putting it all together (three sections?) How I wished I knew a long armer when I had a finished top and no way to quilt it!

  2. I agree--no do-overs! I am laughing at the fridge in your living room and the deer being cut up. It was a bit slippery here today. Hope the weather is holding there--I want a Warm winter!