Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dreary day

When I woke up to fog this morning I was so hoping it would lift and we would see sunshine. That was not to be. Checked the forecast in the paper and it looks like the chances of rain get better as the week wears on.  Spring in Nebraska sucks. It's almost a sure thing we'll go from cold and wet to hot and steamy. If we get real lucky there might be a few nice days in there somewhere.

Tuesday night was Quilt Club, held at the library.  Our hostess had been under the weather so we didn't have a special project to work on. I took my machine with me so put together a top from string blocks.  It was my lucky night since I won the door prize.

A very pretty bracelet made by Jennie.  The purple key fob was a gift from Flischa.  
 I scrambled to get a challenge done. Here's what we started out with..........

A pre-print for a sweatshirt jacket.

 And not feeling very creative, this is what I did with mine............

String blocks!!!

As it turned out, no one else brought theirs so I'll take it again next month.

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