Sunday, April 17, 2011





That's three UFOs out of the pile. The first one will be going to Alycia for QOV. The other two will be going to Quilter's Newsletter for the Quilts for Japan appeal. The second one was started over a year ago at the Fremont Heartstrings sew-in and just recently got finished.  The third was pieced about three years ago from leftover strips from a Scrappy Bargello quilt (I think there might still be some lurking somewhere.) that was made 10 or more years ago.  Sometimes things just have to mellow for a least that's my story.


  1. All three are beautiful and will be welcomed by the recipients.

  2. You can be proud that you got all three done and they are all just so pretty.

  3. I love that scrappy Bargello! I want to make one too sometime. Thank you from Japan!