Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday....Mother Nature's Tricks.....Orange Crush

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Al Gore notwithstanding, global warming doesn't seem to have reached the Cornhusker state yet.

So, I decided to brighten a dreary, gloomy day by getting my Orange Crush top laid out:

And yes, I did notice that the star block in the middle of the second row has a piece turned wrong.  This is why I take pictures of my layouts.....it's easier to see errors in a photo. It will be corrected before I start sewing rows together.


  1. If you must share, please send the quilt and NOT the snow!

    Orange Crush is so bold and beautiful. Nice Job.

  2. Sorry, I can't seen the piece that is turned wrong and I've just spent 5 minutes looking! It's not much wrong if it is even there. Pretty quilt! (I did this one too and had 13 blocks turned wrong. So many were wrong that no one can tell what the right was supposed to be.)

  3. Beautiful quilt.

    As to my "Crayons" quilt. I am simply following the pattern. I did not realize how big it was going to be!