Friday, July 8, 2011

Week 3....CPD23

This was originally posted as Week 2....sorry, I was a tad confused. Just goes to show that one should not do these things too late in the day.

Anyhow......I read through the material and found I'd already done some of it during the first Nebraska Learns 2.0.  I had signed up for a Twitter account and tweeted for a while but it didn't hold my interest or serve any purpose for me that I could see so I quit and can't remember my login or password anymore. I didn't get a new account because I just don't see it being any more relevant to me now......not all my life is spent on the computer.

I had also set up a Google Reader account during the previous session and still make use of it. I have quite a few blogs on it and keep up with reading  them.  I read some of the "favorite" blogs listed in the material and intend to get back to them though I haven't subscribed in Google Reader as yet.

Pushnote........what can I say?  I read the FAQs to find out what it's about but didn't sign up for an account or download the browser add-on.

So, what have I learned from this?  Well, I'm beginning to think I'm not really inclined to a lot of online sociability.   Strange for someone who spends a lot of time on the computer.  Just my hermit qualities I guess.

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  1. I don't Tweet or use Facebook, either. I can't seen the sense in it.

    Google Reader is a great way to read blogs since it collects all those with new posts together for me. I don't have to search, thus, saving time.