Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

Guess what??  I get to get up in the morning and make another cake for the strawberry shortcake I'm taking along to my daughter's for Easter dinner.  Made my pound cake recipe that has never failed me before and it was a total flop.  It fell, was greasy and very dark and didn't taste at all like pound cake.  Guess I should have used the tube pan like always instead of putting it in two loaf pans. It got tossed even though I felt guilty about it considering all the butter, sugar & eggs that went into it. I'll just make a nice yellow cake from'll probably still be warm when we get there.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday....Mother Nature's Tricks.....Orange Crush

This is what I woke up to this morning:

Al Gore notwithstanding, global warming doesn't seem to have reached the Cornhusker state yet.

So, I decided to brighten a dreary, gloomy day by getting my Orange Crush top laid out:

And yes, I did notice that the star block in the middle of the second row has a piece turned wrong.  This is why I take pictures of my's easier to see errors in a photo. It will be corrected before I start sewing rows together.

Sunday, April 17, 2011





That's three UFOs out of the pile. The first one will be going to Alycia for QOV. The other two will be going to Quilter's Newsletter for the Quilts for Japan appeal. The second one was started over a year ago at the Fremont Heartstrings sew-in and just recently got finished.  The third was pieced about three years ago from leftover strips from a Scrappy Bargello quilt (I think there might still be some lurking somewhere.) that was made 10 or more years ago.  Sometimes things just have to mellow for a least that's my story.

Dreary day

When I woke up to fog this morning I was so hoping it would lift and we would see sunshine. That was not to be. Checked the forecast in the paper and it looks like the chances of rain get better as the week wears on.  Spring in Nebraska sucks. It's almost a sure thing we'll go from cold and wet to hot and steamy. If we get real lucky there might be a few nice days in there somewhere.

Tuesday night was Quilt Club, held at the library.  Our hostess had been under the weather so we didn't have a special project to work on. I took my machine with me so put together a top from string blocks.  It was my lucky night since I won the door prize.

A very pretty bracelet made by Jennie.  The purple key fob was a gift from Flischa.  
 I scrambled to get a challenge done. Here's what we started out with..........

A pre-print for a sweatshirt jacket.

 And not feeling very creative, this is what I did with mine............

String blocks!!!

As it turned out, no one else brought theirs so I'll take it again next month.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Looks like Spring is here

It's been a beautiful day today.....clear skies, sunshine and a little wind but not 90mph like usual. Today was the first time I hung laundry out in months.

So, what have I been doing, besides laundry, on such a nice day?  Why, I've been in the basement quilting. Crazy, huh??  Have club tonight so I suppose I should be thinking about what's for supper. It's grilling weather, but the grill is stashed away in the garage and I don't feel like dragging it out.

OK, enough of a break. Back to quilting, but first a kitty picture:

In her nest of quilts.  She looked friendlier in the other picture I took but it was out of focus.

And a grand-daughter picture showing her all ready for the Prom Sweetheart Dance. She's only a sophmore but got asked to Prom by a Junior. She did get to go to Prom too, but with a different date.

And one of the younger grand-daughter too.

She's #8....the one in mid-air. She always gives it all she's got.

 No pictures of grandson to share right now, but we celebrate his 8th birthday this coming Sunday even thought it's not officially till the 14th.  They're growing up so fast.