Friday, February 17, 2012

Heartstrings QOV Quilt

I finished the blocks for this at Quilt Group Tues. night and finished setting them together today.

I could go ahead and quilt and bind it as it is, but I think I'll cut some 5" strips of some sort of patriotic looking fabric and put a border on it. That'll contain the scrapiness a little and give it a more finished my mind anyway.


  1. That is amazingly cheerful. Never really got into strings, how big are the blocks? Look to be about 8". I agree with you, a frame will enhance and focus it.

  2. Lovely string block quilt. Poor you with the shingles. I know the pain is terrible. I know pain and when I have any fillings done at the dentist, I prefer having them filled without novacaine instead of having all that numbness and sense of drooling afterwrds. My lesions are also wrapped from the sternum to the right shoulder blade in the back. Urgggh! I surely could do without them. Heal well and quickly.