Friday, February 17, 2012

It Only Happens To Other People....

....Not always.  A few days ago I mentioned a pain in my back that I blamed on too much fabric cutting with a somewhat dull rotary blade. Hah!!...if only.  That pain was the Shingles virus waking up. So now I have a lovely, blistered rash. Sore now, with itching to come, I'm sure.  

(Picture from the Internet)  Similar to mine. Wraps around to the front on the right.

Not as painful as I've always heard it is. Everything I've read tells about the pain from nerve damage as well, with treatment doing very little. So far, so good. I think my saving grace is that I've taken Alpha Lipoic Acid supplement for years to counteract diabetic  nerve damage. Sure hope it keeps working.

 One of the natural remedies I read about is Apple Cider Vinegar...both taken internally and dabbed on the rash. I'm trying that as well. I smell like a pickle but if it helps I really don't care. The rash is hidden by clothing so I've kept going to work, though I try to move around as little as possible while there since some of the clothing rubs cross the rash and I don't want it getting sorer than necessary.

Just one more experience in life, I guess. One I could have gone a long time without.


  1. I recommend going to the doctor and getting an oral medication. It stops the Shingles before it become too painful, but there is a short window of opportunity for the drugs to work. Don't hesitate or it will be too late, and those nasty Shingles could become your bane.

  2. I, too, have had the shingles and agree w/Nancy--go to your doctor and get the medication; it doesn't make it go away right away, but lessens the impact and makes it less severe. I really, really empathize with you--this is not fun--and you just feel rotten.... (not to mention just plain irritable!!!) get a lot of rest and don't get overheated.....hope you feel better soon....Julierose

  3. Oh my! I hope you heal quickly! My DH just got his shingles vaccination a couple weeks ago, so hopefully he won't get them. (The vaccination is only for >60 y/o's.)

  4. Yes to what Nancy and JulieRose said. Yes to what Loretta said if you are reading this, are 60 or over and have not had a shingles vaccine.

    Having had chickenpox as a child will NOT protect you from shingles! It sets you up.

    Although having had chickenpox you cannot catch shingles from someone else you still have the potential to develop shingles later in life.

    Additionally, so long as you have unhealed blisters you can give chickenpox to someone who has not had it.

    It is a nasty unpredictable ailment which can leave you with permanent nerve impairment. Take care of yourself.

  5. Ouch! I've never had that but my friend was miserable for weeks! Hope you are over it in a hurry!