Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't you find the news depressing?

I sure do. Yesterday Greece almost had a deal on their debt bail-out and stocks looked good. Today the Greeks don't like the austerity measures that go along with the bail-out so stocks drop.

When will people, including us in the U.S., understand that when you are in the hole the first thing you need to do is quit digging?  That means NO MORE SPENDING unless it's absolutely necessary to stay alive. You simply can't have what you can't pay for. Duh!!!

I have no desire to ever have an elected office like President, Senator, Representative, Governor, or any other. But, if the position was open, I'd like a chance to wield the red pencil on the Federal budget and cross off all the pet projects and other wasteful stuff. Shouldn't SOMEBODY be doing that? And this business of tacking pet projects onto Bills that have to pass to keep the country running?  Use the red pencil there to. If it can't stand on its own it shouldn't exist at all.

OK, I'll step down off my soap box now.

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  1. I sure agree with you...never understood how the pet projects and everything but the kitchen sink can be tacked on to vital legislation and the elected officials don't seem to see anything wrong with that.