Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bad Day

Yesterday was certainly a crazy weather day throughout the middle part of the country. We were lucky once again and only got some rain, which is much needed. Other places not so far away weren't so lucky. Here are some pictures of the hail in Norfolk, NE.

Hail drifts near Woodland Park

Hail on 13th St near McDonald's
Our son's house on the acreage south of Meadow Grove also got hit badly.

The pictures show the north & west sides of his house. The outside of the house was totally redone last summer and fall. Only one window on the north side was left intact.  The new shingles are full of holes too and will have to be replaced.  His 5th wheel was so badly battered that he figures the insurance co. will total it. I only hope he gets enough out of it to finish paying for it. His brother-in-law's travel trailer was parked out there too and also got trashed.

It's so sad to see all the work he put in last year destroyed. They had hoped to get the inside finished by mid-summer so they could move in, but now they will be back to working on the outside again.  It would be good if the rain quit now, until he gets a new roof on, so it doesn't leak and ruin the insulation and drywall he just got up in the upstairs.

Keep you eyes on the sky, everyone.


  1. That's terrible! How awful for your son. :(

  2. I am so sorry about all the damage to your son's property and others in the area. We just got a few clunks of hail on the roof and that was all besides 1.15" of rain.
    Take care,Lynn

  3. Just WOW! We got a few pea sized pellets in with the rain, we were lucky.

    Hoping your son's place is insured, windows have gotten very expensive recently.

  4. Hail did all that?! Wow, I'm so sorry your son has repairs like that to face. I hope insurance comes through.

  5. WOW! Reading back from April-----those are absolutely amazing pictures, and QUITE the storm story. Has progress been made already on repairs now that July has surfaced?