Friday, April 6, 2012

Nice Surprise

Today, as I was inspecting the contents of the dairy case at the local grocery store, I got the nicest surprise. One of the owners came over and handed me an envelope, telling me I had won the March drawing for a $50 gift certificate. Nice!!

As you can see, it's already spent. The certificate never even made it home with me.

Got the taxes all e-filed today and the checks written. I'd sure like for us to get a nice big refund back some year like so many people do.  I started out using the same free site I used last year for the federal form. Input all the information and when I hit the "e-file" button they wanted $39.95. No way!!  So I deleted that and went to the IRS fill-in-able forms that can be e-filed.....and it actually WAS free.  Then did the state free e-file. I just can't see paying for the privilege of finding out how much money we have to send the "guvmints."

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