Friday, June 8, 2012

Another Day...Another Post

For lack of a clever title, that's it. :)

Not a lot going on. DH has been on vacation this week. Does that mean I've been on vacation? No. It just means that he gets up early every day & goes fishing and says he has even less time to help me with things like getting the air-conditioners put in. Every year I threaten that I'm calling the furnace guy & have him install the outside unit and hook it up for central air. Then all I have to do is push a couple buttons.

Wednesday's catch of the day by DH & his cousin. Largest around 27".  

This quilt is finished:

Really wanted it done over the Memorial Day weekend, but I was just a slug    and didn't get a whole lot done. I have a couple customer quilts to do next, but for something to just sew on, I think it's time to drag out the strips I cut for Orca Bay and Jamestown Landing. Once I get the triangle pairs cut it's mindless sewing, just pushing one after the other through the machine. It will be pleasant work now that the small AC is installed in the sewing room window. I got tired of waiting around for DH to get around to it, what with his IMPORTANT vacation schedule & all, and put it in myself!! That's why I bought that small one to start with....DH though AC was unnecessary. He works where it's hot and thinks everyone else should suffer too. Bull!!

Had to spend some time getting the sewing room/guest room ready for this guy to come spend the week-end, shown here with his trophy & medal from

last week's soccer tournament in Omaha.
His team is undefeated and he's pretty pumped about that. I probably won't even see much of him this weekend. He has a baseball game tonight and I'll bring him home from that. Then Grandpa is taking him fishing on Saturday. Mom will come get him on Sunday. My job is to make sure the food he likes is available.

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  1. You are going to have a busy time, and what a great way to spend the days with the medal holder. And look at those fish,I would be happy to see them in the pan at the end of the day. Cheers from Jean