Friday, June 1, 2012


Dakota City Quilter says it is "Motivation Friday."   Guess we'll see about that. So far I've only been motivated to have a little breakfast,  read a bunch of blogs and write this. (You would not believe the time I spent getting that bottom picture cut out of a Word document and getting it formatted to something Blogger would accept.) Cloudy, gloomy and cold weather tends to rob me of any motivation I might have had. I'm so glad it's supposed to start warming up today. I need to see the sun!!!

TWO things I WILL get done today are loading a quilt on the machine and sorting out the genealogy stuff I printed out over the past week of super-duper ancestor hunting.

Great news is that Bonnie Hunter's next book will soon be coming July, I think, and she offered a sneak-peek on her blog.  Click on this link to see it. Lots of stringy goodness.


Nebraska readers might be interested in the new book by D.R. Haskin coming out in June.

Third in the Hills of Mars series


  1. ROFL--motivated you? I wish we had some of that rainy gloomy weather back. I chuckle when I see you mooning over the "book of a gadzillion pieces".