Friday, July 20, 2012

Is It Hot Enough For Ya????

Yep, that's the kind of silly question we ask each other when it's this hot. Like anybody has to ask. It's been around a 100 here the past few days, tomorrow is supposed to be 105, Sunday 102, right on through Tuesday.  The heat index warning runs from this afternoon to Tuesday night.

 Wednesday night at midnight the power company shut power down for a while....due to more demand than they could meet I heard.  They called customers last night to announce that it might be shut off again after 10pm  for a while. It never happened so I'm assuming customers were conserving power or a few irrigation systems got shut down.  The electric grid is overburdened already yet farmers are given grants to switch over from diesel or propane to electricity. Does that make any sense?  We're also under water restrictions, voluntary so far, but if the irrigation systems keep running 24/7 it might become mandatory.  If we can't water our garden and have to watch it burn to a crisp while those systems keep running I will be POed for sure. Running them every other day would be plenty.

Go outside any time after noon and you kind of feel like the fellow pictured to the right. My remedy is lots of lemonade and not doing any cooking in the house after breakfast.  Told the DH the other night that it would be nice to have a grill with a burner so I could cook more than two things at once for supper. I do have an electric hot plate, but using it and the toaster oven at the same time might not be such a good idea. They're both on the the same circuit, along with some other things, so probably all I'd accomplish is to throw the breaker. The gas grill and the toaster oven in the garage get used every night.

There's been a little sewing going on. The bags hold HSTs for Jamestown Landing. I'm hoping that the strings of HSTs will be enough after they get pressed and counted. Pressing is an issue in this hot weather too. I just hate to add more heat to the house. The window AC struggles in the late afternoon as it is, but I've turned the one in the sewing room on too and will chance it as soon as I post this.

So long until the next post unless I melt into a puddle of goo.


  1. It seems this is one dilly of a hot summer in lots of places. What does HST stand for?

  2. I had company from Texas and they were hoping it would have been cooler here for them.