Thursday, July 26, 2012

This May Not Look Like Much.....

....but it's keeping me cool!  Not quite as cool as the old one did, but it was a 10,000 btu and this is an 8,000 btu and I was lucky to get it.  (It doesn't spew smoke so that's a plus.)  Quite a few stores were sold out and most of what was left were 6000 btus which just wouldn't do the job.  One store told me they probably wouldn't get any more in because it's the end of the season. Haven't they been listening to the long range forecasts??? It's supposed to be hot & dry until Halloween.   Anyway, I absolutely LOVE Sears because they at least had one close enough to what I needed at a price I was willing to pay.  And a big thumbs down to Alco that wanted $400 + tax for a 7800 btu.  :(

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